How to save Jerusalem and all Israel

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Introduction (skip this part if you are not religious) Torah's requirement and solution

Part 1

There is a direct Almighty's call to protect people from terrorism: "You shall not stand idly by your neighbor's blood" – Vayikra (and He
called) or Leviticus 19:16. Despite various rumors and gossips, the Torah and venerable Jewish commentaries have never implied
transferring or wiping out Ishmaelites (also known as Arabs). What the Torah does imply and require is to prepare court cases,
testimonies and evidence – see Sifra Vayikra 19:16, Sefer ha-Chinuch 237, Rashi Vayikra 19:16, etc. People claim that it is absurd:
Court cases against insane suicide bombers? Ha! You can't even sue insane people – lock them up or shoot them dead! Period!
  That’s just public opinion against the Creator's commandment. Nowadays we are so arrogant, and we put no effort into learning this
Torah's directive. Even religious Jews completely ignore this no-excuse no-delay commandment; instead they replaced it with their own
opinions and talking/praying. That is the reason why the Jews have all the problems, as was foretold by the prophets. Sifra, Sefer
ha-Chinuch, Rashi require putting maximum resources into preparing these court cases: "that is a must for everyone – man or woman; at
any time – day or night; anyone who is trying to evade this responsibility breaks the prohibiting commandments «Lo Taase»".
  The most advanced new science allows us now to comprehend and fulfill the Torah's commandment to save Jerusalem and Israel.

Terrorism's most powerful weapon

The terrorism's mighty armament in the Holy Land is the idea "Give Palestinian land back to Palestinians". This intellectual weaponry
uses the Torah concept of "Land of Israel" in a perverted way. For over 60 years this weapon in fact has beaten all the combat vehicles,
aircrafts, multiple rocket launchers and all other military systems. It overcomes all the efforts of Israeli army, police and intelligence.
  This weapon is really powerful on its own. Besides that, all other terrorism's activities draw their strength, sustenance and finance from
this core weapon. Moreover, it gives the terrorists all kinds of excuses for committing any bloody dirty murders. This weapon also grants
them the support of many nations and harvest over three billion euro annually (almost one half of the Israeli military budget). Today that
weapon is ready to divide Jerusalem for the sake of another capital and nobody has had a clue as how to protect the Holy City...

Why "kill them all" and other dreams never work. Terrorism-Formative Systems

First of all these dreams don't work because you can't kill or transfer all the European Union's foreign ministers and all their people, who
decided that Jerusalem should be divided. You have to realize: Arab terrorists are not the source of the problem; they are the cheap
expendables of much bigger Terrorism-formative systems. There are a great many desirous pimps who get rich off these multibillion euro
flows and more than enough cannon fodder. The loss will always be replaced, if not with Arabs then with Turks, Chechens, Persians –
anybody. They don't even have to be Muslims – Japanese and Germans had been there already. If the "Palestinian in charge" was an
Egypt born Y.Arafat, a lieutenant of the Egyptian army, then a regular "Palestinian" could be absolutely anybody, even an eight-eye-six-
handed alien from Mars. That's why the greater the number of terrorists killed, the faster their numbers grow.
  Therefore the current professional approach based on killing terrorists is as meaningless as an attempt to clap mosquitoes instead of
draining marshes. It is a way of grabbing military ranks and benefits, winning a number of tactical battles, and yet completely losing the
war. Bonaparte had a similar situation in Russia: he won all the battles including a famous Battle of Borodino, he conquered Moscow, but
as the direct result of all these victories he lost the war, his throne and even his personal freedom. That's exactly what is happening now –
Israel kills and disarms terrorists very successfully, but as a result has been facing total strategic losses for over 60 years.

New effective approaches, goals and solutions

In order to hunt down the veritable source of all the problems (not just the most visible effects), we have to realize five essential things:
1) The professional textbooks are in delirium. Thus, they claim that J.Trumpeldor was killed by Arabs in 1920, but the truth is that he
along with the Jews from Tel Hai and nearby settlements were killed by the British who didn't want peace on the border with the French
Syrian territory and organized the Bedouin (not Arab) rebellion in that place. 2) There was no hate between the Arabs and Zionistic Jews
until the British planted in the Holy Land their beloved "Divide and Conquer" doctrine. 3) An Arab-Israeli conflict didn't even exist, not
as a self-sufficient phenomenon. 4) It is absolutely impossible to win any direct fight with that mighty weapon of terrorism, but we can
cleverly amputate it. 5) Old science and Pentagon know nothing about intellectual weapon, while trying to develop it since 04/12/1982.
  The new science, Adequate Cybernetics, can control intellectual weapons and systems of any complexity. Using the Torah's way it can
transfigure the whole system by discovering and amputating the terrorism-formative entities. It creates a smart winning strategy instead
of loosing time and lives in endless direct combats, where the "good old professional approach" has proven to be practically useless.
  Because of the nature of that mighty terrorism weapon, the best battlefield is the court. It is so not because some court has enough
power to solve the problems, but because it's the only battlefield where that intellectual backbone of terrorism can be captured. It is
impossible to achieve the goals in one shot, but it is guaranteed to win everything on technicalities, with the right step by step approach.
  The first case: As proven before, the Arabs are just cannon fodder in the European bloody games. We must neutralize the source of
the problems – England and other Europeans. To achieve that and to protect Israeli soldiers we use the following laws:
  First we have to realize that the professional textbooks are wrong again. Professionals teach us – in one way or another – that the British
owned the Mandate for Palestine. That is 100% false. The British law specifically explained that the "Mandatory" by no means could
imply being an owner. All the legal definitions describe the "Mandatory" via requirements and obligations, not via rights and permissions.
  In the British law we can refer to the "Story on Bailm. Sec. 138; 1 Brown, Civ. Law, 382; Halif. Anal. Civ. Law, 70", to the "Mr.
Justice Story", to the explanations of Sir William Jones. In U.S. we can refer to the explanations of Mr. Chancellor Kent, as well as
to many other basic laws and precedents. All these sources describe "Mandatory" not as the owner, but the one who "engages to do some
act without reward" and "to be when one undertakes, without recompense, to do some act for the other in respect to the thing bailed".
  Thus the only owners of Palestine were and still are the Jewish people, as it was ratified by all nations in the Mandate for Palestine.
Britain signed to have all the legal responsibilities and punishments if they break the Mandate, so they should be kept accountable.

  This case should have been opened a long time ago, at the end of 1922, in the early 1930's, or some time later. Menachem Begin was a
licensed lawyer. If he hadn't played Boy Scout War Games, but instead opened in 1941 the Mandatory laws violations cases specifically
for the interests of the passengers of the "Struma" ship, he would have saved 768 Jews including 70 kids on this ship alone. Millions of
lives could have been saved, but were not, because the Jews stopped using their brains at some point... A heavy stick, even the
nuclear one, isn't as powerful as the intellectual weapon. This weapon is revealed, invented and engineered by the Adequate Cybernetics.
  Numerous illegal cases have been issued against the Jews and their allies. There is a very sore London's court decision against an Israeli
army lieutenant Hib al-Heib. Hon. Timothy Workman, the judge from the famous London's Bow Street Magistrates' Court, issued an
arrest warrant for one of the best Israeli antiterrorist fighter, Major General Doron Almog, who had to run away from the London Police
like a pick pocket criminal or a rapist. A similar run had a member of the Knesset, Minister of Defense, Minister of Transportation, Chief
of the General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces Shaul Mofaz. Israel has no clue how to defend the soldiers who defend Israel.
  Here is the method to completely eliminate any rights of Britain and UN to sue Israel: As the felons who intentionally created,
performed or orchestrated all of the illegal activities, Britain and UN lose all the rights to sue anybody else for the problems.
  Thus, not only do we defend Israel, but we can put all the expenses of fixing the situation with the Jewish land on Britain's shoulders.
Perfidious Albion should be made responsible at least once for all the terrible actions it has been perpetrating on a regular basis.
  The second case is to whip away from the Arabs the brand "Palestinian". It is the formative entity for all new claims for Jerusalem.
It is quite comparable to the Israeli citizenship and it is the only basis for dividing Jerusalem for the sake of another capital.
  The most dependable way to withdraw something is to get it into our own possession (feel free to create another reliable move). This
case can be heard as an Identity Theft, Stolen Identity, Ghosting, Forgery, Falsum, or just as "Stolen and found" kind of case.
  Right wing or left, no matter what political party you belong to, any real battle for Jerusalem is impossible without this strategic combat
since it's the only way to destroy all the bogus claims for Jerusalem. This smart engagement of the battles is a guaranteed win because:
A) We have the essential Treaty between all the Arabs and Jewish Zionists. It is forceful and ratified by all the nations via the Mandate.
B) We have international law, all the Christian and Muslim maps, other major international ruling documents – all on our side.
C) We have plentiful amount of supporting evidence and exhibits. Here are just a few of the great many of them:
   √ Even the most pro-Arabic "White Paper" of 1939 knows only "the Arab population of Palestine" (Section I, The Constitution).
     Arabs were by no means known as "Palestinians", as neither were Turks, Kurds, or others. Only the Jews were and still are.
   √ There is the Pinhas Rutenberg's Jewish "Palestine Electric Company" established in 1923 (by the way that is six years before
     Y.Arafat was even born). Now it is "Israel Electric Corporation" – the major electricity supplier in the region.
   √ 59 football teams were registered in FIFA for Palestine in 1929. 11 of them were non-Jewish and none of the non-Jewish teams
     wanted to be called "Palestinian". Only Shimon Ratner's all-Jewish team obtained the name of "Palestine National Football Team".
   √ The very first international game the "Palestine national football team" ever played was in Egypt in 1934. The Jewish Zionistic
     anthem "HaTikva" was played in Cairo for the "Palestine National Football Team" on March 16, 1934 because every Egyptian was
     100% sure – only "HaTikva" may represent Palestine and Palestinians. There was no hate between Zionistic Jews and everybody
     else until Perfidious Albion planted terrorism and brigandage. As soon as an all-Jewish "Palestine National Football Team" arrived
     at the Continental hotel in Cairo, the official delegation of the Egyptian Football Federation came to warmly welcome them.
   √ The second international game the "Palestine National Football Team" played was in Tel-Aviv on April 6, 1934. Both of these games
     were between Zionistic Jews and Egyptian Arabs, and no hate was ever noticed. Fuad I, the King of Egypt and Sudan, sent a warm
     salutatory telegram to the players of an all-Jewish Palestinian team. Now this team is called "Israel national football team".
   √ By the way, Palestine Football Association (PFA) was established in 1928, and now it is known as Israel Football Association.
   √ Gershon Agron's Jewish newspaper "The Palestine Post" was founded in 1932; later on it was renamed "The Jerusalem Post".
   √ An all-Jewish "Palestine Orchestra" was established in 1936. Now it is "Israel Philharmonic Orchestra". etc., etc...
D) All the historical maps, including Muslim and Christian, e.g. the one on the cover of this book, mark Palestine as Judea and Israel –
the Jewish lands. All the maps show Arabian lands far away, far east from Jordan river, on the east side of the Ash-Shura mountains.
E) The other party has absolutely nothing to show for the brand case (they may have some real estate claims inside the country, but it
has nothing to do with the country capital, symbolism or names). Therefore it's so easy to win this first essential case.
F) In this case the other party cannot use any emotional arguments like pictures of crying wounded children, pitiful homeless punks, etc.
G) I proved that even the "Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People" cannot legally belong to the Arabs, only to the Jews.
  It's totally irrelevant whether or not you like the brand "Palestinian". This brand is the essential part of the mighty terrorism weapon; so
it must be hunted down and taken away. The Jews should store all their brands in a gun cabinet, or may use the motto "Palestinian land
to the Palestinians" to collect money for the Jewish settlement movement. The point is to take it away from the terrorists ASAP.
  The following benefit is priceless: Winning this particular case in international courts is the basis for the "right" and "left" Israeli
political wings to create a common platform and mutual understanding. Finally the biggest dream can come true! Once we embark on
this road and utilize these advanced strategies, we will also win other wars we always lose – the informational warfare and PSYWAR.
  The third case is the case against the UN, because the UN breaks its own Charter (e.g. Article 80) and many other laws with its
resolutions about Israel. This case also supports the first two, proving once again that the only legal basis for Palestine is the League of
Nations Mandate, where the Jews are appointed as the only people to own all of Palestine. We also need this case in order to create
new legal foundation for Israel, because the current Declaration of Independence is just terrible, as well as the UN resolution 181 (II), etc.

Especially important for the officials and ranking officers

We proved that the Jews are the owners of Palestine, not invaders. We created and verified all the solutions. They are created according
to the direct no-excuse no-delay Torah requirement. No other solution has ever existed. Any official or religious individual who doesn't
support this to the full extend of their capabilities must be considered a traitor and a saboteur right by the definitions of these words.

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How to win these cases and the informational war

Part 2

I advise following these cases with the concept called KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid. It is a win-win technique to handle such cases and
to automatically win the informational and psychological warfare (which Israel has always been losing up until now). The only response
to any side argument should be "We reserve all the rights" and never ever fall for any small talks until the very end of these cases.
  Here is my advice on how to surmount stupid mistakes made by professional lawyers. The fact that the Jews – under tremendous
pressure – had to sign some documents where the word "Palestinian" referred to non-Jewish people just means that the Jews were raped,
once again being the hostages of the Europeans. In Auschwitz (Europe) the Jews also worked at the factories of death (in the crematoria,
and even managed to blow one up). That work doesn't mean the Jews provided their support to what was happening at Auschwitz.
  My next advice on this case is not to try to completely brush away all the possible contenders for the "Palestinian" brand, but instead
establish the chain of inheritance. Thereon prove the first one in the chain. Then everyone will have to come to the appropriate
conclusion on the basis of huge amount of consistent documents. The essential documents and evidences are:
A) Arab-Jewish Treaty on Jewish Homeland (Feisal-Weizmann) made between all the Arabs of the territory and the Jewish Zionists.
B) The League of Nations' Mandate for Palestine, issued to the Jews, with Britain as the Mandatory (volunteer bodyguard and money
    guard with all the responsibilities but no revenue, benefits, or ownership). Together with the Treaty it was ratified by all the nations.
C) Various old maps and other essential historical evidences (lots of detailed descriptions and explanations are provided in the book).
  Based on The Treaty and The Mandate, supported with all the evidences and exhibits, everyone has no other option but to acknowledge
that the very first and the only owners of the Palestinian capital are the same Jews! Q.E.D. and I rest my case – Jerusalem is saved!
  Here is my advice on handling papers which may still try to address some heritage issues. Agree right away that with Jews at the head
of the inheritance line for "Palestine" brand, few other nations could theoretically be on the waiting list. These are: Samaritans, Assyrian,
Greeks, Turks – all of them were present on that territory a long time ago and are alive now (although everybody knows that these are not
the direct descendant of the ancient Greeks, Assyrians, etc.). Besides these people, we do have a big crowd of fall-behind nations and
communities, such as Bedouins, Druses, Crete island residents, Kurds, Armenians, Arabs, Circassians, Chechens, Slavs and Christians.
  The Arabs will definitely be somewhere at the very end of the list, because they are really new to that territory. That's not a surprise,
since they have their own Holy Land – Medina and Mecca (Al-Makkah). Their prophet Muhammad lived there and anyone who insists,
that during his most significant 20-30 last years Arabs left him for other places is making a dirty filthy affront of Islam, Koran and Arabs.
  All the historical evidences indicate that Muhammad had never been to Jerusalem, and same goes for his horse. There are a few kids'
tales about his horse flying to Jerusalem, but it's much easier to believe in the flying Santa sleigh than in that self-guided missile horse.
  Until the year of 635 there were no Arabs on the Palestine territory at all – they were just not interested in this small shred of land.
There were no Muslims on that territory either. First of all because Islam is a young religion. And second, because all the Muslims were
too busy with the battles for Mecca. Later on they were too busy with their personal communication with Muhammad.
  In the year of 632 Muhammad was dying. In that time Jerusalem was exclusively a Christian and Jewish city. There was St. Mary's
Church on The Temple Mount and not a single mosque in Jerusalem or anywhere in its surroundings.
  After Muhammad death the Muslims from non-Arab ethnic groups became less comfortable in Mecca, Medina and the surrounding
areas (because foreigners are not liked much). They had no reason to stay in Arab lands and started on their way to other countries.
That's how Muslims came to Palestine for the first time. It's very natural that the overwhelming majority of them were not Arabs.
  The very first Muslim leader, ever arrived to the Palestine, Muawiyah, was not an Arab. Mecca's Arabs called him and his descendants
"ad-Dakhil" – aliens. He had to color his hair not to look too flaxen-haired. Mawali, an Arabic word for non-Arabic Muslims, also goes
after him. Salah ad-Din was a Kurd – an Indo-European, not an Arab by all means. Same goes for all original Muslims in Palestine –
they are Kurds, Jews, Turks, Nordic, but not Arabs. Umar, the greatest Arabic Amir, once passed by Jerusalem. He was shocked to see
how blond the local Muslims were. He ordered them "to powder faces with dust and mud at least to look Arabic" – see Azdi.
  All the previous researchers use statistical approach and demographic arguments that prove the same point, but that are not very suitable
for the court hearings. Court requires individual names, preferably accompanied by the eye-witness testimonies or pertinent affidavits.
So I had to perform quite an extensive research applying new methods and approaches never used before. A small part of the results of the
research is presented here. It proves that the Jews are the owners, not invaders of Palestine (that had never ever been Arabic).
  It is very important to realize, that Arabs never ever questioned the Arab-Jewish Treaty, because there is no way to question a treaty,
signed by the head of the Arab authorized delegation and lately ratified by all the nations, including the former sovereign – Turkey.
  The findings are very unique and valuable, as you have seen already. Much deeper understanding of the legal documents has also been
accomplished. For example, none of the researchers noticed earlier, that the Arab-Jewish Treaty proves that Arabs never considered
Palestine to be an Arab State or Arab Kingdom or anything of the sort, because "Palestine", "Arab State" and "Arab Kingdom" are listed
as different legal parties in the Treaty. Also it was not noticed earlier that the Feisal's handwriting doesn't belong to the actual Treaty. It
only explains possibilities of Feisal's personal participation in a prompt implementation of it. Therefore it has a signature from one side
only. Feisal never asked Weizmann to sign that appendix and never expressed any discomfort with this part having one signature only.
  Anyway, everything that Feisal mentioned for the Arabs was done. There were no problems around the Jewish Homeland whatsoever,
but Britain stole 76% of Jewish land and paid with it to the British spy in Turkish parliament – Feisal's brother Abdullah. By performing
such crimes Britain broke the Mandate and the treaties it signed. Britain should take full responsibility for this theft. Britain
created and orchestrated all the problems and it may be forced to reimburse this theft with some of its islands, say Falkland Islands. They
have almost no population but are priceless as the key to plentiful mineral deposits, e.g. uranium. If Israel just announces future intention
to use these islands together with Argentina, the whole Latin America, as well as Spain and Portugal will become Israel's friends forever.


Feisal's letter: "We Arabs... look with the deepest sympathy on the Zionist movement. Our deputation here in Paris is fully acquainted with the proposals submitted yesterday by the Zionist Organisation to the Peace Conference, and we regard them as moderate and proper. We will do our best, in so far as we are concerned, to help them through; we will wish the Jews a most hearty welcome home".


UN has no power over the Treaty and over the Mandate, even according to the UN's Charter – see Article 80 for example. One may
have wrong idea that some paragraphs (in Article 25 or else) allows Britain to change the requirements and provisions of the Mandate, but
the Preamble, Article 1, Article 27, as well as British law for a Mandatory strictly prohibit from such misunderstandings.
  The Mandate was issued to the Jews as the owners, and Britain as the Mandatory (a volunteer bodyguard and money guard with no
revenue, no benefits, no recompense, no reward for these particular activities, as this term described in all the sources of British Law).
  My findings also include new strategy and tactics to perform military operations and other remarkable results – see more in the book.

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